Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Combining distinctive looks with pioneering ergonomics, Aeron performs like no other chair. It adapts naturally and adjusts precisely to fit people of all sizes and postures doing all kinds of activities, all day long. The imaginative design of both the work and side chairs gives superior comfort, body support, and style that are widely copied but never matched. Also Available in a taller Herman Miller Aeron Stool.

Made largely of recycled materials, the Aeron chair is designed to last a long time, with parts that get the most wear easily replaced and recycled. Just what you would expect in a well thought-out design. The 12-Year Warranty covers everything that makes a Herman Miller Office Chair–including casters, tilts, pneumatic cylinders, and all moving mechanisms. Herman Miller Aeron Chair Replacement Parts are available for chairs out of warranty. Click here for more product information.

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Herman MIller Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair The Aeron chair didn't end up in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection just because it looks cool. Although it does. Its looks are only the beginning. Aeron accommodates both the sitter and the environment. It adapts naturally to virtually every body, and it's 94% recyclable. Even if it's black, it's green. SKU UPC Model Aeron

Feb 22, 2011 by Jim Y

My Aeron chair arrived back at my doorstep this evening. I am once again sitting in my beloved office chair. While it was disappointing that the hydraulics failed I have had the chair for 10 years. I was amazed to discover that it was still under warranty and the estimated 3 week turn-around for repair was actually about a week. In a perfect world all products would be of the quality found in those of Herman-Miller and all companies would stand by their products as you do.

While it is not a perfect world there are companies and people who make the best possible product, charge an appropriate price, deliver exceptional value, and back it up with service that is first rate. It is a pleasure to be among the those who are clients of Herman-Miller.

There is an old English saying \"There is no product that someone cannot make a little less well and thereby sell more cheaply. For those for whom price is the only object, they are that man\'s lawful prey\". 10 cheap office chairs does not an Aeron make. Those 10 will be scrap when the Aeron is still in delightful service.

Review of Your Fine Store

Nov 21, 2010 by B-Daddy

I have been having lower back pain for over a year. One thing I noticed was that I seemed to have very little pain at work. I attribute this to the fact that I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair at work. I put off buying one for myself at home, because of the expense, the basic model is typically over $600 and the model I have at work, with the \"tilt forward\" feature and adjustable arm rests retails for more than $800. I finally decided that the pain was too much and looked for a local store that sold the Aeron. I went to the Backstore in Poway, because their prices were slightly lower than anyone else selling new Herman Miller chairs in San Diego and I could go there and do a side by side comparison of the models for comfort. The sales staff was very knowledgeable about the Herman Miller chairs. I was shown the exact differences between the basic and fully adjustable models as well as the newer Mirra model. Further, I learned some tips on positioning the model I had at work that I did not know. I ended up buying the fully adjustable model and drove away from the store with it in my van.

Phone Call With Hannah

Oct 30, 2010 by Jim C

I just wanted to let the appropriate person at The Backstore about my recent phone call with Hannah. To summarize, Hannah was extremely helpful, informative and patience with respect to a variety of my questions and comments regarding my current Aeron chair (purchased from another vendor). In fact, after discussing the various pros and cons concerning my present situation (i.e. a broken chair), I went ahead and purchased a new chair from your company.

Hannah should be commended and recognized for a fantastic job in solving my problems in a thorough, professional and pleasant manner.

Thanks and I look forward to receiving my new chair.

Superb Customer Service

Jul 09, 2010 by Lisa R

My repaired Aeron chair was delivered back to me on Wednesday. The new seat is even more comfortable than the old one.

Everything worked out better than I had dared hope.

Thank you again and again!

Customer Service!

Oct 28, 2009 by Michael P

I was a bit disheartened when the arm of my beloved Aeron chair snapped one evening, however I found your site through a Google search and easily found the part I needed. The day after I placed my order I was surprised and happy to receive a phone call, by a real person, giving me a ship date and contact number should I have any questions. The part arrived exactly as promised and even included an instruction sheet. Thank you for providing this level of great customer service as it is rare in any industry and compels me to tell this story to as many people as I can.

Dec 18, 2008 by Glen H

I did receive the chair, and assembled it. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in, and I simply love it. I have a tumor in my spine, and before the Aeron chair, sitting was horrible. Now, with the Aeron and small pillow, sitting is muuch more comfortable. I did have a problem with the lumbar support assembly, and the Backstore promptly sent replacement assembly, at some ungodly hour when I was up and someone from the backstore was monitoring customer emails. What more could a customer expect ? I am thoroughly satisfied, and thank you for your inquiry.

Happy Holidays !

Love it!

Apr 05, 2007 by Kat

Just want you to know that my chair arrived today. It is already put together and I am sitting in it. Oooooohhhhhhh - it is so wonderful.

I may have to chain it to my desk to keep from having it stolen. The other advisors are so very jealous. I love my chair. LOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE it.


Mar 03, 2007 by Pat M

It was amazing. I originally ordered from *******.com, they said they had it in stock. I got no shipment notification for a week so I called and ask what was up...they said it'd ship in 6-7 weeks.

F**k that.

So I requested a refund and ordered from you instead. For the record, they took two weeks to finally process my refund. I called every day and got the same story every day - "oh I see you called but nobody has processed a refund." So finally I said, "Okay look, if the money isn't in my bank account in three days, I'm filing a chargeback." Lo and behold, it showed up today.

Anyway, back to you guys. I ordered from you and you guys shipped it the same day. It arrived three days later...and I didn't pay for shipping. Amazing service, you guys rock. And thanks for checking up on me, makes me feel special :) I realize this may not be much, but I'm planning on pimping you guys out hardcore on my blog in the next couple days. I can't recommend you strong enough, and if I ever need to buy an absurdly expensive chair, I'll go back to you :)


5.0 5.0 8 8 My Aeron chair arrived back at my doorstep this evening. I am once again sitting in my beloved office chair. While it was disappointing that the hydraulics failed I have had the ch Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair
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